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                ?? 咨询电话:15602987227
                首页 > 商业 > 东宇物流办公大堂空间


                项目名称 | 东宇物流办公大堂空间设计

                项目地点 | 义乌

                项目面积 | 475㎡

                空间设计 | WED中熙设计事务所

                设计团队 | 郑健阳、郑安迪、莫伟伦、郑熙

                完成时间 | 2020年5月

                摄 影师 | bm Studio+彦铭

                Project Name | The lobby space design of Dongyu logistics office building

                Project Location | Yiwu

                Project Size| 475㎡

                Interior Design | WE Design

                Design Team | Zheng Jianyang, Zheng Andi, Mo Weilun, Zheng Xi

                Completed time | May 2020

                Photographer | bm Studio+ Yan Ming

                20世纪30年代,物流的概念渐渐出现在卐人们的视野认知里,通过运输、保管、配送等方式,以最低的成本高效率的完成物品的流通输送。传统的︼物流行业办公空间,大多⌒较为粗糙、简陋,但作Ψ 为强功能的场所,办公空间的设计一直随着科技进步和人员协作方式的改变而不▅停演变。

                In 1930s, the concept of logistics gradually came into public’s attention. Through transportation, storage, and distribution, the circulation and delivery of goods was completed efficiently at the lowest cost. Traditional office space of logistics industry was mostly rough and simple, yet as a place that requires strong functionality, the design of such office space has been constantly evolving with technological progress and changes in personnel collaboration methods.


                Today, millennials have become the main force in the workplace. They are often defined as free, young, and energetic, so that they will favor open office spaces. The planning design of office lobby space in Yiwu Logistics Park by WE Design attempts to break the stereotypes of the traditional logistics industry.

                “在一个传统行业里做新式的变化,如何能体现到物流行业¤的特性,办公室设计符合当下自由、开放的◣工作理念,让设计为传统行☆业赋能,就是我们一直追求的‘WE design future(设计未来)’,”WED创始人Simon如是说,“设计师一直在思考和寻找,这个行业中的人们最熟悉的东西是№什么,以此做出有‘共情力’的设计”。

                “Making changes in a traditional industry, how to reflect the characteristics of the industry based on the current free and open working philosophy and let design empower the traditional industry is ‘WE design future’ that we have been pursuing, " said Simon, the founder of WED. "Designers have been thinking and looking for what is the most familiar element of this industry to the public in order to complete the design with 'empathy'.”

                在设计语言上,设计师将对物流行业的元素洞察加入到设计中,办公室设计提取物流的特性,链接、输送的关系,把源于条形码和集装箱的设计灵感,用材质和∑ 光影进行了深化融合,呈现出令█人惊喜的效果。

                In terms of design language, the designer added the understanding towards elements of logistics industry into the design, extracted the characteristics of logistics as well as the relationship between links and transportation, and deepened the design inspiration derived from barcodes and containers. By integrating materials with light and shadow, the entire design presents a surprising outcome.

                “我们看到使用者在这个空间中的两种状态:一种是在□干净利索的背景下疾行来往的繁忙场景,办公室设计另一种是阳光照到室□ 内,立面隔断在楼道地面投射出条形的光影效果,大家在开放区域轻松交①谈的场景,这就是建筑的力量。”

                "We see two conditions of users in this space: one is a busy scene with a clean background, the other is people talking easily in an open area with sunlight pouring into the room, and the facade partition projects a strip on the corridor floor. This is the power of architecture."

                设计收费:面议 元/平             

                擅长类型: 会所,地产,酒店



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